medical billing services - MDP Boston
The MDP Medical Billing Service includes:
  • Coding, billing, follow-up and revenue cycle management.
  • All financial and clinical practice analysis reports.
  • Physician credentialing and management.
  • Data integration, extraction and warehousing.
  • These other standard components of the full MDP billing service are also offered on an a la carte and project by project basis.

PDA, and web-based charge capture software
Guarantees the most efficient charge capture

MDP Rules Engine offers all clients PDA-based software to guarantee the most efficient charge capture. The software is formatted for all devices and, after all charges are reviewed in the MDP Rules Engine, the charges are downloaded directly into the MDP database.

The MDP Rules Engine
Eliminates errors and determines coverage at time of service

The MDP Rules Engine has over 15 million payor specific rules. These rules eliminate coding errors and determine coverage at the time of service. These rules include but are not limited to:

  • Invalid or missing CPT codes or modifiers including 25/26.
  • Unbundling, rebundling or conflicting E&M and procedure codes
  • Missing referring or authorization number
  • Established versus new patient
  • Non-typical place of service
  • Patient age or gender

In addition to these pre-defined rules, MDP builds new client-specific rules based on the Client’s denial trends and payor mix so the system gets smarter all the time.

Contract definition and modeling

AN MDP contract analyst reviews the client’s payor contracts and builds a model that is practice specific. This knowledge base includes the contracted fee schedules and all coverage rules including service carve-outs, global fee periods, multiple procedure reductions, modifier multiples, code edits, site of service payments and private payment rules. This model is constantly updated with any new contract terms.

On average, medical insurance companies underpay clean claims by 7%. With our we are able to identify and appeal all underpayments at the time of payment posting. That reduces the turnaround time in obtaining the full payment.

Increase Practice Volume

In an average practice, 15% to 20% of the office appointments are missed when a confirmation process is not in place. MDP clients use our automated patient recall appointment reminder via mail which drives up patient volume.

Eligibility, benefit and co-payment verification

Many in-office medical practice management systems will allow billing staff to perform eligibility and benefit verification. This is, however, very time-consuming for the staff and MDP will handle that entire function as your billing service. Forward the demographic data for the following days’ patients to MDP and MDP will leverage the efficiency of the Internet to verify coverage and benefits data for most if not all patients.

All listed services would be done from the MDP offices before the patient arrives and the resulting coverage data forwarded immediately to the Client’s office.

The advantages of these services are many.

• Co-payments,co-insurance balances and deductibles are collected more quickly and more accurately.
• Many staff hours of verifying patient coverage are eliminated.
• Time of service collections are maximized.
• Rejections and denials for non-covered services are greatly reduced.
• Office staff is freed to treat patients, not perform clerical functions.
• Patient satisfaction increases due to the reduced number of surprises in the office.

In the case of medical practices that do not have access to the patients’ demographics in advance (walk-in clinics, Emergency Departments, etc.) this service enables the MDP billing service to verify coverage after the services are rendered but before the claim is actually filed. This enables MDP to avoid time-consuming and unnecessary rejections and MDP can more quickly obtain payment for the Client from the correct payer.

Release of Information (ROI) and scanned records.

MDP scans all client charge and payment documents and is available to send information to the appropriate parties upon client request. MDP is aware that this task can be costly and embarrassing if not done with 100% accuracy. For that reason, every request is reviewed by expert MDP staff to ensure HIPAA compliance as well as to avoid any breach or non-authorized release of Protected Health Information.