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Medical Practice Management Services

Physicians of America, are you concerned that your group size does not allow you to utilize the same business management and IT infrastructure to compete with the larger groups? Are you concerned that this will work against you during your next contract negotiation? Does your current billing office provide you with any of these services?

  • State-of-the-art human resources, finance and accounting systems and reports.
  • Internet-based electronic scheduling that can be integrated with payroll.
  • Productivity-based statistics for compensation with optional MDP review for best practice compliance.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys, minimum 30 per provider per month.
  • Non-Physician Practitioner and Scribe training and oversight programs.
  • Hospital order entry data link to generate provider resource utilization reports.
  • Facilitated physician group communication, strategic planning and project management.

In addition to revenue cycle management, MDP provides all of the services that will enable you to compete with the largest and most resource-rich groups in America. There is no need to increase your management staff and expend the capital necessary to obtain these services on your own. MDP provides them to their clients at no additional cost.