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Medical groups everywhere are shifting from purchasing traditional on-premises software to subscribing to software functionality on a pay-as-you-go basis. The days of uncontrolled IT spending are over. It is a greener world and it is about smart management and saving money while maximizing the use of the secure, scalable MDP cloud. MDP leverages its rich industry heritage, secure infrastructure, local latency network and specialized SAAS knowledge to deliver such end-to-end solutions.

Cloud Hosting and Virtualization.

Everyone's is talking about them but what can they do for you? MDP can act as your trusted vendor in implementing this technology to run your practice more efficiently, securely and cost effectively.


For groups equally concerned about conserving cash and minimizing their carbon footprint, virtualization is an attractive alternative to traditional computing architectures. MDP allows you to decouple processing and storage capabilities from actual physical servers so you can boost utilization while minimizing power consumption and space requirements.

Cloud Hosting.

By delivering enterprise-class computing, network and security services “in the cloud” we give you access to rich infrastructure functionality without having to worry about underlying hardware or software. MDP offers a broad range of secure, reliable and scalable in-the-cloud services on a global scale.

  • Gain unprecedented control and flexibility over enterprise-class infrastructure without sacrificing security or performance.
  • Access more than 125 data products from various exchanges and electronic communication networks globally and count on the backing of the MDP on-site technology professionals.
  • Reduce capital expenses and your IT risk by buying only the computer resources that you need.
  • Scale efficiently up and down as needed depending on your particular practice cycle.
  • Reduce your data center space, heating, cooling and energy costs
  • Free your staff to concentrate on running and building your medical practice, not your computer center.
  • By providing you with massively scalable just-in-time computing resources in the cloud, MDP gives you all the resources you need in real time while buffering you from the worries, and fixed costs, of underlying hardware and software management.
  • All MDP products are guaranteed HIPAA compliant.